A 60 year old legacy and Exlaa products are thoughtfully conceived to bring hygiene and happiness into homes.  What makes Exlaa so special ?  You would notice that the shelves at the  stores have enough cleaning products and solutions and yet, as a buyer, you will find yourself unsure of what to buy.  There are bars, cakes, powders and liquids of the same brand jostling with each other and confusing you.  You will see Exlaa, true to his promise standing clean and tall. We have solutions to all your cleaning problems in the form of liquids only. 

Exlaa is the leading brand, in its category. This was the result of the insights we have on our customers we pioneered the concept of separate Liquids for Bucket Wash and Hand Wash three years ago. It took 3 years for the others to catch up with us. Our detergents are fused with OEX (Optically Enriched Ethoxylates) for the glow and shine to your clothes.  We are soon planning to launch the new age  Enzyme based liquids. 

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Washing Tips


Precautions for handling lading machines

For top lading machines, you have to make sure that the detergent is properly dissolved in water before adding garments to the wash, never put the clothes first and do not sprinkle the detergent on top of clothes...

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How to wash soft fabrics?

Some soft fabrics do fine on the "sensitive" cycle in the washer. Most, in any case, do best when they're hand-washed. You fill a huge bowl, tub, or sink with lukewarm water. You mix in a Exlaa You tenderly...

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How to remove oil from plates?

The plates need to be washed properly. The oil stains will remain if you do not wash it and those become housing colonies for bacteria and it's not good. Used plates must be rinsed first, if it's very oily...

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